Adamu Kofi Shauku

A.K. Shauku (MA, JD) is an American political scientist. His research fields are American Politics, Public Policy & Administration, and Comparative Politics. A.K.’s current research focuses on issues of institutional design in national court systems in general and the decentralized nature of the U.S. court system in particular. An interdisciplinary scholar, he holds degrees in Korean Studies, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science and Law. A.K. is a PhD Candidate in Political Science (ABD), a U.S. Army Intelligence veteran, and former high school teacher.

Danielle Zanzalari


Danielle Zanzalari, Ph.D., is a Financial Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.* She currently works on model validation for CCAR/DFAST, ongoing model examination and research. Danielle focuses on examining off-balance sheet items, bank health, and financial crisis government programs. During her doctoral studies at Clemson University, she taught over ten sections of Macroeconomics and Money & Banking and was nominated for Graduate Teacher of the Year. As an undergraduate at Seton Hall University, Danielle majored in Finance, was a member of the Leadership Development Honors Program, and walked-on to the softball team.

* The views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, or the Federal Reserve System.

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