2 thoughts on “Review: The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion

  1. Would it not seem, then, that the elite are more engaged, educated and thus drive public opinion on politics in cases other than war? Would an elite politician, celebrity or businessman have enough followers/fans to allow for such mass support in all cases? It appears to me that the general public cannot discern each issue alone and do fall subject to Axiom 2 and certainly Axiom 3 almost always.

    Take for example, Russell Brand’s interview talking about how dirty businesses are for searching for profits. Facebook went nuts last week with the general mass reposting the interview and agreeing. If one really considers the “issue” of business profits and not follows an “elite” (although, we both can qualm about him being an elite), then perhaps we would not fall into these 4 Axioms? Zaller provides a few compelling points in your overview, but it seems to me that the 4 Axioms are inevitable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGxFJ5nL9gg

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